We hired a driver to take us to Volubilis, a partially excavated Roman city about an hour outside of Fez.  For us, the main attraction was getting out into the countryside, but Volubilis is very old and Roman and notable so we thought we should go see it.

Mohammed, the driver who took us to Volubilis, was really friendly and very excited to talk with us because he will be moving to San Francisco next year to start an internship at Goldman Sachs.

The landscapes outside of Fez are beautiful and we stopped a couple of times to take photos.


So rich with oranges

So rich with oranges

Volubilis was very large and had some really awesome well-preserved mosaics.  There were also lots of columns and an aqueduct and rocks that may or may not be historic.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the important rocks from the regular rocks.




The Romans made tasteful decorating decisions.

The Romans made tasteful decorating decisions.

When we got back to Fez, Mohammed invited us back to his parents’ house for tea and dessert.  It was really nice to get to visit with him in his house, which was pretty spectacular:


A fancy end to a nice day!