Plitvice Lakes


Bam.  Stunning, right?  We spent one of our favorite days ever at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia last week.  It rained throughout our entire visit and we hardly noticed.  The park was bursting with fall colors and the waterfalls were near their peak.  The walkways were even washed out and closed in some places due to the high water level.   (more…)

Dubrovnik City Walls

We’re back from our blog hiatus!  Our friend Gary came to visit us in Croatia for a week and we were having such a good time together that we forgot all about updating the blog.  Now Ian and I are back in our routine again and we can look back at the good times we had last week.

We met up with Gary in Dubrovnik and we wasted no time in setting out to explore the city together.  While hiking was an option, we had lots to see on our first day so we opted for the speedier cable car to take us up the hills behind Dubrovnik for views of the city and the bay.

IMG_3135 (more…)

Cantillon Zwanze 2015 and Westleveren 12 – Belgium Beer Wrap

Zwanze Day is an annual Cantillon event where a special beer is simultaneously released at 50+ bars around the world.  Zwanze means “joker” in Dutch, and the event reflects the “wild card” spirit. The special beer changes each year, and tends to be an experimental lambic. This year was a “wild Brussels stout.”

celebratory drink for zwanze 2015

Toasting with the 2015 Zwanze beer


Berlin Bar Reviews: Bryk

Bryk is the last bar we’ll be covering in Berlin. We were a little skeptical heading in, from the outside it has a touch of that “ultralounge” vibe that defines the eurotrash experience. Thankfully the drinks were on point, though they often veered into molecular gastronomy territory.


What I’m Reading

Traveling has been a great opportunity to start reading again.  I always think of myself as someone who loves reading but I find I rarely read for pleasure anymore.  I’ve been trying to do more of that this past year, and all the plane, train, and bus rides over the past two months have really helped me out.  Here’s what I’ve read so far on this trip, and I would love to hear your recommendations of what I should pick up next.