Lego Concentration Camp

This was on display at the MOCAK contemporary art museum in Krakow.  Apparently it was done with cooperation from Lego.


Photographs showing the lego concentration camp set.


Unfolded boxes for the lego concentration camp sets.

The holocaust is such a hard thing to understand on a personal level; the scale is just too big.  Different approaches can help make the problem relatable for different people.  The combination of mass produced children’s toys and assembly-line genocide was surprisingly powerful to me.

A selection of unrelated things

There are a lot of pictures I’ve earmarked for blog posts that just don’t have enough meat to stand on their own. Here’s a photo dump of quirky things we’ve seen across our trip.

Water Bus – Budapest


I could have used one of these on my last trip when the bridges were washed out from the floods

Pretty sure a strong wind would blow this thing on its side. It looks amazing though. (more…)

Krakow and Oswiecem

After visiting our friends in the country we headed to Krakow for a few days.  We (correctly) predicted that the heat wave would not let up any time soon and booked an Airbnb with air conditioning, which seems to be a really rare amenity in Europe.  This turned out to be a great decision.  I think Ian’s favorite part about our apartment, though, was that it came fully equipped:

cocktail set

Bison grass vodka not included.


A Visit To The Country

We were lucky to have our schedule line up with our friend John’s so that we got to see him in both Berlin and Poland.  We visited him and his wife Agnieszka at her family’s home in the Polish countryside near Czestochowa.

John and Agnieszka met us at the train station and we stopped at a giant supermarket on the way home to stock up on food and drinks.  Naturally, when we arrived at the house we were fed instantly:

czestochowa lunch

Meat (Beef? I’m not actually sure) in a delightful creamy sauce, Greek salad, a homemade cherry juice, and of course, dumplings.


In Which I Eat All The Soup

To make up for all the dumplings and waffles, I have found myself gravitating toward soups lately.  I started strong in Warsaw with a two-course soup dinner, in which Ian and I ordered a chanterelle soup for a starter and I had tomato soup for my main.  This thoroughly confused our waitress, who informed me, “you know, that is also soup,” when I ordered.

chantrelle soup

Chanterelles are in season in Poland right now and they are so cheap and delicious.


Warsaw is Great

We heard some skepticism when we mentioned we were going to Warsaw.  It’s not nearly as popular with tourists as Krakow and we heard we might not enjoy the city very much.  Either we are very lucky, they are misinformed, or we possess all the secrets of Polish travel, because we thought Warsaw was awesome.  Here are some reasons Warsaw is great:

1. Parks.  Warsaw has TONS of beautiful parks.  The most beautiful and spectacular is Łazienki Park, which might just be the best park ever.  Observe:

Park foliage