We hired a driver to take us to Volubilis, a partially excavated Roman city about an hour outside of Fez.  For us, the main attraction was getting out into the countryside, but Volubilis is very old and Roman and notable so we thought we should go see it.

Mohammed, the driver who took us to Volubilis, was really friendly and very excited to talk with us because he will be moving to San Francisco next year to start an internship at Goldman Sachs.

The landscapes outside of Fez are beautiful and we stopped a couple of times to take photos.

IMG_4680 (more…)

Supermarket Fun

The Carrefour in Fez is much more fun than any other Carrefour we’ve been to in Europe.  For one thing, look at all these beautiful bulk spices:


Also, there is lots of loose pasta that really calls to you to rake your hands through it:


But the thing we loved the most was the idea that someone could take home this whole shark:


Imagine that fish tail peeking out of your shopping bag!

Moroccan Cooking Class

Our riad has consistently served the best food we’ve had in Fez, so we were excited to have the opportunity to take a cooking class here.  We started the day by going to the market to shop for ingredients, although the staff didn’t really need anything so they mostly just showed us around.

Buying cilantro

Buying cilantro


First Days in Fez

All of a sudden it’s December and we have less than two weeks of our trip left.  We thought we’d finish out the remainder of our vacation in Spain, but a cheap weekly Ryan Air flight to Fez caught my eye.  So, here we are in Morocco!

I hear the drums echoing tonight....

I hear the drums echoing tonight….