Making Connections

When we were in Paris, the Pompidou had a Le Corbosier exhibit. One of the things he was big on was the Modulor. Basically it’s some golden ratio driven hooey about how much space a person takes up. Disturbingly, many of his renderings of this concept feature lumpy crab-human hybrids in psychadellic compositions.


Note the powerful psionic waves emanating from the claw. I, for one, welcome our new crab-men overlords


A selection of unrelated things

There are a lot of pictures I’ve earmarked for blog posts that just don’t have enough meat to stand on their own. Here’s a photo dump of quirky things we’ve seen across our trip.

Water Bus – Budapest


I could have used one of these on my last trip when the bridges were washed out from the floods

Pretty sure a strong wind would blow this thing on its side. It looks amazing though. (more…)

French Cheeses: 3 to Try

We ♥ fromage.  Cheese featured prominently in all of our dinner picnics in France and we’ve learned a few things about our cheese likes and dislikes.  We are all about the runny, unpasteurized cows-milk cheeses that can be spread like butter and that used to be banned from public spaces because of their odor.  We’ve listed our favorites below.  Word of warning: keep these cheeses in a tightly sealed container or else your house will smell like feet!


Monaco Day Trip

We took a day trip from Nice to visit Monaco and pretend we were billionaires.  Or Bond.

The drive along the coast was stunning and if we’d had more time we would have explored any of the coves and beaches along the way.  I think if you’re looking for a quieter and beautiful South of France beach experience, that stretch between Nice and Monaco (Villefrance sur Mer, Eze, Cap D’Ail) is probably the place to be.

Our first stop was the Monte Carlo.  Because we were internationally renown secret agents, we figured they’d let us right in.  Not so much.