Tiara’s Clothing

When we decided to take this trip I spent a lot of time thinking about how I’d ideally pack.  I wanted to bring a small number of versatile pieces that I could mix and match into multiple outfits.  I wanted to pack mostly for summer but also be able to transition into fall, especially since it would be raining and cold when we first arrived in Scandinavia.  I knew that I could always buy things I needed in Europe, but I also had to be willing to part with the clothes I brought with me in order to make room for new purchases.  In the end, here’s what I brought with me (with links to the items if I could find them):



Everything (plus toiletries and electronics) fits in this backpack and shoulder bag:


Now that we’re a month into the trip, I have some reflections:

– Overall I did pretty well.  I missed the mark in a few places but I was mostly correct about what to bring.  I did well on bringing versatile pieces that I could match a lot of different ways.  Right now during the heat wave it’s hard to remember why I have jeans, a scarf, and a hat (and a rain jacket !?!) with me, but I know I’ll see them again soon.  Also, I wore all of these things during our first rainy week in Sweden.

– The Uniqlo jacket was an amazing purchase.  It is so lightweight and I can carry it in my shoulder bag on planes and trains in case it gets cold.  It is cute enough to wear out without feeling shlubby.

– I brought about 2 shirts too many.  I almost exclusively wear this one from H&M when it’s clean as it’s lightweight and goes with everything.  I will probably toss some soon.

– I brought too much underwear.  My underwear packs up so small that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring extra, but because Ian brought less than I did we need to do laundry more often anyway.  I could have gotten away with less.

– My backpack is at capacity.  I am really happy with the pack that I got but I need to keep working on downsizing so I have more room in it.  I think toiletries are the major culprit.  Such is the way of traveling: we always wish we had less but it is hard to part with what we brought when it is so little already.