Nice is pretty much French Miami, which turned out to be a nice (Nice!) place to spend a few days.  I think you can see both France and Florida in the architecture:



Our favorite thing about Nice was that the ocean water was calm and warm.  We spent a couple evenings at the beach, skipping rocks and swimming at sunset.



We also escaped the heat in the air-conditioned MAMAC for a couple of hours, which has a solid contemporary art collection, including a special exhibit highlighting Nice artists.



On our last night, we were able to meet up with my friend Jesse’s brother, Cole, who is a pastry chef living in Nice.  He invited us over to dinner with friends and he cooked an impressive dinner while Ian served some excellent cocktails.  It’s so fun to watch a professional manage a bunch of different pans on the stove at the same time and work so confidently.  It will be good inspiration for me when we return home!