Yumcha Heroes

One thing we loved about Berlin was the range of affordable and delicious international food available.  While we’ve clearly been eating well, we have missed our favorite Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese dishes.  Berlin had good restaurants specializing in all these cuisines.  One favorite was Yumcha Heroes in Mitte, which served a wide variety of Chinese dumplings.



We each opted for the €8 lunch special, which included four dumplings and a bowl of soup.  I got Shanghai soup dumplings and chicken soup with wontons.  Ian got black beef dumplings and lamb soup.  The soup dumplings had trouble staying together and didn’t have lots of broth, but they tasted good (though they can’t compete with Nan Xiang’s XLB in Flushing, NY).  Everything else was quite tasty and the price was right.  We were surprised and pleased to find such a good spot to satisfy our dumpling craving.