Making Connections

When we were in Paris, the Pompidou had a Le Corbosier exhibit. One of the things he was big on was the Modulor. Basically it’s some golden ratio driven hooey about how much space a person takes up. Disturbingly, many of his renderings of this concept feature lumpy crab-human hybrids in psychadellic compositions.


Note the powerful psionic waves emanating from the claw. I, for one, welcome our new crab-men overlords

I know, at first blush, the claim that Le Corbosier secretly engineered a race of crab-men hellbent on the enslavement of all mankind may seem far flung. Maybe you think I’m just misinterpreting the silhouetted figure.

A few weeks later I spotted this drawing by a 19th century French biologist:


A perfect match in claw proportions and posture!

I rest my case.