Dubrovnik City Walls

We’re back from our blog hiatus!  Our friend Gary came to visit us in Croatia for a week and we were having such a good time together that we forgot all about updating the blog.  Now Ian and I are back in our routine again and we can look back at the good times we had last week.

We met up with Gary in Dubrovnik and we wasted no time in setting out to explore the city together.  While hiking was an option, we had lots to see on our first day so we opted for the speedier cable car to take us up the hills behind Dubrovnik for views of the city and the bay.



Ian and I had already been in Dubrovnik for a few days but we had been avoiding old town and the main attractions so we could see them with Gary.  The views did not disappoint!  It had been raining all morning and the previous day so we were really fortunate to catch this break in the weather and to be able to see the city so clearly.

After taking lots of photos we headed back down the hill and tackled the city walls.  The walls are a set walking tour – you pay to climb up and you walk in a loop in one direction.  We were so glad we went late in the day and during off-season.  I can’t imagine how crowded this would be during August!


We stopped often to admire the red roofs.  We caught some nice “golden hour” light and stayed on the walls for as much of the sunset as we could before they closed for the night and we were kicked out.



King’s Landing!

Got a panorama of Gary taking a panorama.

Got a panorama of Gary taking a panorama.


The old town is almost entirely tourist establishments, so it was nice to get a peek here and there of people’s actual homes and everyday life:


For dinner we treated ourselves to seafood and wine in a cute courtyard – such a great end to our first day with Gary!