Le Syndicat Redux

We couldn’t help it; after the incredible drinks from our first trip, we went back for more at the best bar in Paris.

Le Syndicat C4 cocktail

The C4. Now that’s my kind of breakfast.

The C4 was a suped up V8; I’m assuming that’s what they were going for with the name. It’s carrot juice, celery juice, citrus, gin, honey-pepper syrup, and a little bit of magic. I don’t generally go for the savory vegetable drinks (no thanks Bloody Mary), but I’ll make an exception for this one.

Le Syndicate bramble cocktail

Have it your way. The bramble comes with a shot of cassis on the side, so you can get just the right amount of berry flavor.

The bramble is another riff on a classic. They substitute genever for dry gin and add gentian liqueur.  It’s a lovely fruity refreshing drink on a hot summer day, with a little extra complexity from the changes.

We also had to go back for another smoking car. I snapped a video of the alchemy when the sidecar hits the orange peel smoke: