Mummies and Skulls: Le Centre de la Vieille Charite


We’ve previously established that we love musuems. The Centre de la Vieille Charite was no exception. Here are a few favorites from the collection.

Dried Dead Things

Some ancient Egyptians dressed up a little bird like a person and mummified it. I love it.

mumified ibis

He looks like a little bird buttler

This next one looks straight out of a certain Tool video from the 90s (Parental Advisory: contains images of disturbing claymation, shitty music).

mumified goat

So metal.

I picture some Egyptian taxidermists, or mumifiers, or whatever you call them, sitting by the Nile on a hot day.

Egyptian 1: “So, what are we gonna do now? We’re at the top of our game. We mummified that bird, embalmed the goat; what could possibly be a challenge worthy of our talents?”
Egyptian 2: “How about, I dunno, A FREAKING CROCODILE!”
Egyptian 1 and Egyptian 2 fist bump. A legend is born.

mumified crocodile

#1 on the list of things I hope never come back from the dead


This is a hat that is the head of a man wearing a hat that is a stool with another man sitting on it. That other man is also wearing a hat.


A hat that is a man wearing a hat

It’s hats all the way down.


I think these speak for themselves.

Steampunk skull

I’ve already asked Tiara to bury me with sweet goggles.

skull with embedded jade

Tron Pit

I think this effect is just accomplished with a series of mirrors. Either that, or it’s a portal straight to the ENCOM mainframe.

Glowing lights that look like something out of tron

Let me just grab my light cycle, and I’m ready to go.