Street art Marseille


Marseille was definitely dirtier than the other cities we’ve been to, but it also had some of the coolest street art. Here’s a photo dump of some of the things we saw.


three heads mural marseille

I like captain pickle in the middle

fisherman mural marseille


Beer mural marseille

It’s cool, but I wish it wasn’t so “urine-y”

reclining bird man mural

Bird man is so fat, when he lies around the house, he lies around the house. Get it?

Thematically Appropriate Shutter Art

A number of stores had sweet mural art that reflected the services they provided.

converse mural in marseille

This worked. Now I really want some orange chucks.

cartoon droopy detective mural

Droopy never got enough airtime

What's Up Restaurant Shutter Marseille

What’s up indeed

High Fidelity Graffiti

Most of these are executed like murals, just smaller scale.

marseille graffiti that looks like angry birds

It’s the graffiti equivalent of angry birds

red monster graffiti marseille

Animal on acid; you should hear him play the drums

graffiti of a hungry panda and necro rooster

The incredible adventures of hungry panda and necro-rooster

crazy head marseille street art woman head graffiti marseille

Low Fidelity Graffiti

Not all graffiti artists are doing crazy full-color work with shading. But they still make some cool stuff.

Door face line drawing graffiti

blue head outline graffiti

Sort of Fraggle Rock-ish

Totoro graffiti

It’s Totoro! I just wish the artist had been better

line drawing graffiti of a man

The Missfits

Ontologies are hard. These ones didn’t shake out cleanly into another category.

les aperos du panier mural marseille

This might just be an ad. I have no idea.

sign with outline of pigs and woman

Not technically graffiiti, but I love the little pigs.

pixelated Pink Panther graffiti

This Pink Panther was actually in Paris.