Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov looks like a town straight out of a fairy tale.  We spent three days relaxing there with my parents and uncle.  Ian went to Český Krumlov back in 2002 during record-setting rain and flooding, so he enjoyed seeing what the town looked like in the sunshine.

We explored the castle, climbed the bell tower, and visited the castle bears (!):



We spent our evenings enjoying drinks by the river.  We sampled Slivovitz whenever we could, and we got to try some house-distilled fruit brandies from a local restaurant.


I was also excited to find vaječný on one menu, which is an egg liquor that I had also seen in Poland.  In Warsaw I took a photo of a bottle in the supermarket – so intrigued I was with what the “chicken liquor” might be like. Turns out it’s just like egg nog, and that’s a pretty fantastic thing.



We also spent a nice day rafting on the river, though a flock of ducks stalked us most of the way.  We think they wanted our lunch – they looked hangry!


By far the best part of our visit was spending time with my family in the motherland.  Don’t they all look so great?