Denied: Signs of the Times


No Segways

Prague is so overrun with dopey tourists tilting around on Segways that custom signage is necessary:

Sign on sidewalk disallowing segway scooters

Who you gonna call? I’m picturing two nerds with proton packs vacuuming up tourists.

No Private Detectives

Man in fedora with cross-out not allowed sign

This is a private club, coppa. You got a membership card?

I think this is actually a no smoking sign, but why’d they have to make him so dapper? Looking at this sign makes me want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Yes Wiener Institute

This isn’t actually forbidding anything, but it really appeals to my inner 12 year old.

Wiener institute

Institute for the study and advancement of wieners

Lenin, Meet Zuckerberg

If you missed Tiara’s Memento Park post, it’s worth a review.  I particularly liked their sign promoting their social media accounts.

You can almost hear him rolling over in his grave.