Plitvice Lakes


Bam.  Stunning, right?  We spent one of our favorite days ever at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia last week.  It rained throughout our entire visit and we hardly noticed.  The park was bursting with fall colors and the waterfalls were near their peak.  The walkways were even washed out and closed in some places due to the high water level.  


The trails through the park are mostly comprised of these boardwalks, which take you really close to the falls and allow you to get water in your shoes.  It’s awesome.


Wet toes, don't care.

Wet toes, don’t care.

Because of the rain and it now being off-season, we had the place mostly to ourselves except for a few intrepid tour groups.  I’ve heard that during high season these boardwalks can be a nightmare, as there’s not much room to pass by other people.


Every time you turn a corner there is another amazing view.  If there isn’t already a jigsaw puzzle with one of these vistas, there should be.  (Love the seriousness of this video about puzzle quality.)




We took tons of photos of fall foliage until our fingers got too numb to operate our phones.




Happy but can't feel his fingers

Happy but can’t feel his fingers

The only thing this trip was missing was some hot chocolate or apple cider.  Also dry socks.   Hopefully we’ll have a chance to return to Plitvice with these things in hand.  The park looks like it would be amazing in the winter too.  Watch this for a short meditation.