Krka Falls, Drops Its Vowels


We day tripped from Zadar out to Krka falls; a place with a curious lack of vowels. My photo timestamps tells me this was almost a month ago now, but hey, water under the bridge right?

Krka was like Plitvice-lite, although after the recent rains a few things were really roaring. Water was literally shooting through the fence in places:

Here are some zoomed out views of those rushing falls.



Other parts were more serene. Like Plitvice it featured charming boardwalks over emerald water. (Unlike Plitvice, we weren’t freezing our fingers off in the rain).


The ridges that form the dams creating the pools/waterfalls are a sort of limestone buildup called travertine. In Krka this process is still ongoing; algae grows on the top layer, which makes a substrate for limestone deposits, which further increases the height of the dams. A sign in the park said these formations are growing about .3cm/year, which means by the time I’m dead the waterfalls could be a good 8 inches taller. Guess we’ll have to go back.

As a reward for sitting through the geology lesson, here’s a happy door from outside the park.


Yay geology!