Zadar was one of the few places we went in Croatia that seemed to take an ongoing interest in public art installations. They had two really cool things. The first was the “Greeting to the Sun,” an LED installation that stored up solar power during the day and put on a light show at night.


Still waiting for my light cycle


Tiny Tiara feet for scale


The second neat installation is the sea organ, which was a set of steps leading into the ocean with embedded pipes. When waves came in, they put pressure on the pipes, and noise comes out.


These steps have pipes hidden in them.



Cool branding too.

The sound was hard to capture on my puny iPhone, but I did my best. I took one of my recordings surreptitiously while Tiara read facts off of wikipedia. I think it has kind of a beat poetry vibe.

The character was different at night. I’m not sure if it was height of the tide, or something more intentional. Definitely more mellow, and with crickets playing accompaniment.

Neither of these really captures the rich harmonics; the effect was much more soothing sounding in person. You’ll just have to take my word for it.