San Sebastián

After a few days in Barcelona, we rented a car and drove up to San Sebastián with Pam and Josh and with a plan of eating all the pintxos (that region’s tapas) we could find.  Along the way, we stopped in Zaragoza to stretch our legs and have some lunch.  Zaragoza had a nice waterfront and some pretty shops and cathedrals in the old quarter.  It also had a shopping mall with a two-story tall Augustus statue in the middle.  We’re not sure why.



It mostly rained during our stay in San Sebastián but we made the most of a break in the weather by heading up Mont Igueldo for a view of the city.


The weather did not stop us from our primary objective: pintxos.  The very best we had were at Bar Zeruko, which was so popular that we had to elbow our way up to the counter to fill our little plates with snacks.  There were probably sixty or seventy types of pintxos laid out on the counter and each one was a work of art.



Round 1

Happy pintxos eaters

Happy pintxos eaters

Happy cider drinker

Happy cider drinker

In between pintxos, we walked around the city and popped into lots of cute shops, including this chocolate shop where you could propose to your partner with a chocolate sheep:


Spain, you do things so very well.